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Our “Imagebank” collection of photo data can be downloaded and used by companies planning on bringing coustomers into Kyoto, media producers (magazines, movies, television shows) , phamplet and website designers, meeting organizers and travel companies, PCOs that have been hired by meeting organizers. etc.
If you would like to use the image bank, please fill out and submit the form below to get an ID and password to access the photobank. After submitting the form, we will send you your ID and Password to the mail address you fill in on the form. The user ID and password will expire at the end of the following month after you begin using it, so if you would like to use the image bank again after that, please re-apply at that time.
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Please download the application form for permission required photos and fill the photo numbers above in [4. Preference of Photos] column of the application form. Please submit it to after filling out all necessary items.