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Terms of use

  1. 1. Purpose of use and eligibility for use of image data

    Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau provides the “Imagebank” photo-lending system free of charge for use by foreign media and meeting organizers, etc. Use of “Imagebank” images is limited to create travel magazine to introduce Kyoto, meeting materials such as posters and website to be held in Kyoto, etc.

  2. 2. Copyright, intellectual rights, portrait rights, etc.

    KCVB holds the copyright and intellectual rights for “Imagebank” data. However, KCVB does not hold portrait rights, etc. for people, places, etc. depicted in the image data. KCVB confirms permission for standard use of images in accordance with the rules for use of “Imagebank” and for the purpose described at the time of application. For permission for use outside of the “purpose of use” described at the time of application, please negotiate directly with the relevant party. We do not and cannot assume responsibility in the event of conflict with a third party over copyright, intellectual rights, etc

  3. 3. Prohibitions

    KCVB prohibits the following actions with regards to image data in the “Imagebank”

    1. 1) Use of data for purposes other than the purpose described at the time of application.
    2. 2) Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of image data.
    3. 3) Use of image data in the production or sale of a website similar to this website.
    4. 4) Use of image data for CI (corporate identity), VI (visual identity), as a main image for large-scale campaigns (campaigns with television commercials, etc.); partial or complete use of image data in trademarks, trade symbols, service marks or other product displays.
    5. 5) Use of image data in which the contents or style are dramatically changed; use in the adult entertainment industry; use that is averse to public order and morality; use that may be mistakenly thought to have religious or political motivations; use in defamation or in connection with illegal activities.
    6. 6) Use in which user may be mistaken to have a collaborative/cooperative relationship with the subject of images; use in which the subject may be thought to be supporting the user.
    7. 7) Any other use deemed inappropriate by KCVB.
  4. 4. Cooperation in the provision of information

    Applicants are requested to cooperate in KCVBs information provision activities (informing that a meeting is planned to be held in Kyoto, for example)

  5. 5. Disclaimer

    KCVB does not and cannot assume responsibility for any loss or damages that may occur as a result of use of “Imagebank” image data.

  6. 6. Cancellation

    In the case that the above regulations are not followed, KCVB reserves the right to request that applicants cease all use of image data (cancellation of publishing, retrieval and destruction of printed materials, etc.)

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